An Elite makeover for the humble pool table

SPONSORED CONTENT: Australian-made tables from Elite Innovations ditch tradition to create a range of tables that dial up the ‘wow’ factor.

By Robb Report Team 27/08/2017


A pool table is deservedly the centre piece of any well-stocked games room; yet sometimes you need to dial up the ‘wow’ factor even further.

Australian-made tables from Elite Innovations ditch the traditional green felt and timber construction in favour of cutting-edge materials such as glass and billet aluminium to bring a completely unique, 21st-century aesthetic to a table design that dates back centuries.

Take the X-1 model, appropriately nicknamed “The Everest”. Billed by Elite Innovations as being “unlike anything the world has seen before”, it gives the impression that the playing surface is floating on air.

“The ‘floating glass’ concept has the potential to start a new generation of tables that will once again change the definition of ‘ultra-modern’,” a company spokesperson asserts.

The South Australian company describes itself as “a design house drawing from a variety of designers and inventors to develop products from which the world can find inspiration”.

The key question of how it’s possible to play pool, billiards or snooker on low-friction glass is answered by a striking innovation. The patented Vitrik is a transparent playing surface that replicates the rolling resistance of felt, and also provides a shock-absorbing layer for the glass beneath.

Elite Innovations utilises complex CNC machining and skilled welders to construct each frame using structural-grade steel and the same high-quality billet aluminium that Lamborghini uses to construct wheels for its range of supercars. Glass surfaces are precision-cut by water jet, and exposed edges polished to a perfect finish.

The ultra-modern X-1 model represents the pinnacle of the range but with only four examples built each year, Elite Innovations has developed a range of tables to suit different budgets and uses:

G-1 – “The Virtuoso”: the consistent best-seller of the range, incorporating an integrated ball runner system, a minimalist ‘floating’ pocket system, and an eye-catching ‘grand piano’ finish.

G-4 – “The Phoenix”: an ultra-minimalist table that re-thinks the traditional shape of pool tables of yesteryear. A dual glass ball return panel gives the impression that pocketed balls are silently travelling under the playing area on the way to collecting at one end of the table.

G-7 – “The Mode”: similarly elegant to its siblings, yet more modest with glass panels held in place by a steel supporting structure, and a ball return platform upholstered to match the bumpers.

The pool tables are a key example of the design ethic that drives Elite Innovations. “Having been focused on the games room, we are very proud of what we can offer our clients thus far,” a company spokesperson says.

“We are excitedly working on new products for this room, and look forward to expanding our attention to the rest of the home.”
Elite Innovations is also a partner of Save the Children Australia and the Cancer Council, and donates a portion of the sales from each table to the two charities.


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