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Sydney's newest bar - Gin Lane - reinvents the cocktail while taking inspiration from the past

On the November 5, 1605, a group of provincial English Catholics were caught trying to carry out an assassination attempt against King James and the entire English parliament.

It failed. All those involved in the attempt, including the infamous Guy Fawkes, were arrested, tried for treason and eventually executed.

The attempt soon became known as the Gunpowder Treason Plot.

gin2 Gin Lane exterior on Kensington Street. Photo: Supplied

Fast-forward a few hundred years and in a small gin bar nestled in a bustling Sydney laneway the explosive plot is being remembered in a very original - and delicious - way.

The bar in question is the aptly named Gin Lane, which is home to more than 75 different gins and has found itself neatly at home in an elegantly refurbished 18th century terrace.

With brooding navy walls and hints of old time glamour, the bar exudes a subtle kind of brooding sensuality that is amplified by its cosy booths which populate its narrow hallway.

gin3 Gin Lane's infamous Gunpowder Plot cocktail. Photo: Instagram/@ginlanesydney

One of the bar's most popular cocktails is the Gunpowder Plot, and after sampling the creation, it's obvious it owes its popularity not only to its distinctly smoky taste, but also to the theatre of its service.

The cocktail is presented on a small wooden board before a glass cloche is placed on top. A plume of smoke is then funnelled into the cloche, creating a wispy-haze around the cocktail. The true magic of the creation is fully realised upon its delivery to the table, when the bartender gracefully lifts the cloche and allows the smoke to dance atop the table.

gin3interior Gin Lane's quirky interior. Photo: Instagram/@ginlanesydney

But he Gunpower Plot is just of the of the exquisite and inventive gin-based cocktails the bar serves. For those with a sweet tooth the Hibiscus and Rose Petal Fizz is perfect and leaves drinkers with a pleasant candy-inspired aftertaste that dances on the palate.

For the gin puritans the bar boasts a classic G&T that has become so popular staff have been forced to put it on tap just to keep up with demand during busy times.

The bar’s Mediterranean G&T offers the perfect savoury option for those who are already sweet enough. The drink is made using fresh organic olives and offers another piece of theatre for patrons when staff light the drink's sprig of rosemary at your table. The clever touch adds an elegant smokiness to the drink.

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