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Eight jewellery trends you need to know for 2017

New Year, fresh trends! In their own words, these six style influencers and gem experts reveal what they think will be the hottest jewellery trends in 2017.

Jean Z. Poh, CEO of Swoonery


Inverted gemstones

“AnaKatarina inverts the setting of white diamonds (so the culet points outward) in her Sumerian Spike Diamond Twist hoops to give the traditional hoop earring an irreverent and cheeky upgrade. I love inverted stones; to me they are the jewellery equivalent of la jolie-laide or the battle armour that readies me for the day ahead.”



“Designers have been breathing new life into pearls (thankfully) and incorporating them into funkier, bolder designs so we can all take advantage of a little beauty secret our mothers and grandmothers are all well versed with. The nacre of real pearls is universally flattering for any complexion — it’s like wearing a light diffuser around your face. You just don’t get the same effect with costume jewellery. I suspect this funky pearl trend will revive their status as jewellery-box staples once more.” (

Sarah Blair, Senior Vice President of Women’s Accessories and Shoes, Barneys New York



“Layered bangles have become important accents to wrists, completing an entire look. Our clients want to invest in everyday jewellery that fits their lifestyle and personality. Sidney Garber has iconised this look with her rolling and wave bracelets. Mark Davis is another notable designer who creates beautiful Bakelite bangles set with gemstones in a myriad of mosaics (shown here).”



“The choker trend really gained momentum this past year. It was the perfect complement to all the off-the-shoulder looks. We’re seeing both bold and dainty designs to accentuate the neck as a feminine statement from Cathy Waterman (shown here).” (

Ann Lange, SVP of Jewellery, Doyle Auctions


1970s jewellery

“I see clients moving toward jewellery that is wearable but has weight to it: Chunky gold necklaces, statement pendant necklaces, thick bangles, and animal-themed designs from the 1970s come to mind. Vintage Cartier pieces have also seen success at auction in the last few years, and I believe interest in those high-end vintage designs will continue.” (

Moti Ferder, CEO and Design Director of Lugano Diamonds


Coloured diamonds

“At Lugano, we have seen steady growth in the sale of coloured diamonds. Pink and yellow stones are very popular. The demand for coloured stones has been driven by their rarity and beauty as well as increased media attention on high-profile individuals who wear these gems.” (

Emily Satloff, Larkspur & Hawk’s Founder and Designer


Bold colour

“With skyrocketing market demand and record prices being paid for coloured stones, people are increasingly realising that colourful stones are both beautiful and valuable. The growing popularity of colour is also influenced by fashion trends. As the consumer’s eye becomes adjusted to bold and possibly clashing textile patterns, so does her eye become adjusted to boldly coloured jewellery. At Larkspur & Hawk, we saw our most assertive colour palettes outselling our neutrals in 2016, and we believe this trend is in a position to continue into 2017.”



“In the recent years we have seen a shift toward very modern and inventive jewellery design. Prominent in these designs is the concept of asymmetry. This can be seen as subtly as a pair of earrings with reversed stone orientation between left and right, or as boldly as two very different earrings composing a pair. In the past, the latter would have been interpreted as lost half-pairs of earrings rather than an intentional design. At Larkspur & Hawk, we saw that our boldest, intentionally mismatched earring in 2016 was embraced by our customers. The fact that certain number of our asymmetrical designs were sold out give us reason to believe that this is a trend that will continue well into 2017.” (

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