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Eight creative ways to show love on Valentine's Day

Long-stemmed roses and chocolates are perfectly fine, if not a bit impersonal. When it comes to Valentine’s Day, no gift is quite as sentimental as a fabulous piece of jewellery. In our book, there’s always an occasion to give (or receive) jewels. But Valentine’s Day — the rare holiday that purely celebrates love, in all its many forms — is a prime opportunity to express your appreciation with a token that can be enjoyed, serving as reminder of your love for years to come. So, rather than something standard like diamond studs or a tennis bracelet, Valentine’s calls for meaningful jewellery — the kinds that aren’t simply pretty but rather have romance baked into their design. Stumped as to what that looks like? Here are eight pieces that say “I love you” in ways both literal and abstract.



Some of the best jewellery gifts are those pieces that can be worn and appreciated every day, like a versatile bangle. Taffin’s is exquisitely crafted from black ceramic with swirling gold script spelling out “Te amo.” It’s also available in “Je t’aime” and can even be customised for that extra-special touch (price upon request).

Alison Lou


If your valentine has a cheeky sense of humour,she’ll appreciate Alison Lou’s cocktail ring emblazoned with cherry-red enamel lips — a luxurious take on everyone’s favorite emoji (US$2,550 ($A3170)).

Marla Aaron


What could better symbolise your commitment than a lock, joining you and your loved one? Marla Aaron’s lock is the kind any woman would be happy to bear: a heart-shaped pendant with a ruby baguette-studded clasp (US$1,472 ($A1850)).

Eva Fehren


Even minimalists can appreciate a bit of romance. Eva Fehren’s white-gold and diamond X studs — an understated “kiss, kiss” — strike the perfect balance between sentimental and sleek (US$2,575 ($A3200).

Jemma Wynne


Jemma Wynne’s two-stoned ring style is traditionally known as a “toi et moi” — a representation of coupledom rendered in precious materials. We’ll let you decide who’s the emerald-cut diamond and who’s the ruby in your relationship (price upon request). Available at

Stephen Webster


London-based jeweler Stephen Webster collaborated with artist Tracey Emin — best known for her poetic neon word art — for a collection of romantically inclined designs. This pendant features a spinning disc engraved with Emin’s handwriting that, when spun, spells out “I promise to love you” (US$2,200 ($A2750)).

Anita Ko


Sure, flowers are always a sweet gesture, but they only last so long. Why not skip the actual flora and go for Anita Ko’s white-gold and diamond calla lily? It effortlessly wraps around the finger and doesn’t require watering — even the most extravagant arrangement can’t compete with that (US$4,625 ($A5750)).

L Frank


Two interlocking bands are an age-old symbol of love — and, really, is there any purer expression of the devotion between two people? Liseanne Frankfurt, founder of L Frank, offers a pitch-perfect example, with brushed yellow and white-gold bands embellished with brilliant-cut gray diamonds (US$6,000 ($A7500)).

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