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Technogym launches innovative indoor trainer for cyclists

Cycling aficionados know there’s nothing quite like the wind on your cheeks and the feeling of being on the open road. But injury or weather can sometimes make it impossible to get outdoors.

Technogym has devised a solution it believes is almost as good as the real deal. The MYCYCLING indoor training solution is compatible with road, mountain and track bikes, and allows you to train at home to help transform your outdoor performance.

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Former Tour de France cyclist Henk Vogels, an ambassador for Technogym, says this solution won him over.

“I don’t like training indoors but I do like jumping on this thing and smashing myself for 40 minutes,” he said at the launch in Sydney.

It’s designed to simulate outdoor sprints, and at the heart of the product is electro-mechanical brake which is controlled with precision for every second you’re in the seat. There is a torque sensor which measures power, and optical sensors measure thrust, allowing you to visualise symmetry between left and right foot. The flywheel ensures a natural pedalling sensation with the same sense of inertia you’d feel pedalling outdoors.


Triathlete Courtney Home, also a Technogym ambassador, agrees: “It has more of a motion as if you’re actually physically riding on the road. It feels identical to road riding to me. I’ve honestly loved using it.”

A dedicated app provides tests, programs, personalisations, routes and bio-feedback. Not only can you engage with other users, but you can virtually ride along some of the world’s most iconic routes, such as the Stelvio Pass and Alpe d’Huez.

There are also personalised training programs thanks to a preliminary test. Based on the results, the training will be personalised and made up of three phases - preparation, development and transition. The training sessions last for 40 to 70 minutes and include constantly changing cadence and power levels to keep muscles working and minds alert.

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Home said this style of training was crucial for her recovery from an accident on the Sunshine Coast, which meant she couldn’t get out on the road for her training.

“I was limited to indoor riding and MYCYCLING allowed me to sit stationary inside whilst still achieving a high quality session,” she says of the system, whuch retails for $2255.

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