The Shape Of Things To Come

Radical times call for radical—and radically luxurious—devices. Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2.

By Robb Report Staff In Partnership With Samsung 13/11/2020

Your auction-worthy vintage wristwatch collection is nothing short of extraordinary. Your daily ride is state of the art, but on weekends, you like to cruise around in your perfectly restored classic car. The bespoke suits in your closet are designed by some of the best artisans in the world. And yet, when it comes to your smartphone, you find yourself—perplexingly—among the masses, relying on a device that gets the job done but fails to inspire any real passion.

Until now, that is.

In September, Samsung unveiled the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2, a smartphone so new, so forward-thinking in its design and technology and so utterly luxurious compared to all the other models on the market, you’d be hard pressed to imagine a better device to accommodate all your personal and professional commitments this year.

Let’s start with the most obvious point of distinction: The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 is foldable. Like its predecessor, the original Galaxy Fold, it uses a hinged mechanism to open to an entirely flat display, transforming from a palm-size device into one equipped with a tablet-like screen. But this time, the phone incorporates new features and functionality that elevate it to super-smartphone status.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2
Photo: Courtesy of Samsung.

“The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 takes the mobile experience to the next level, all in a form factor that fits comfortably in your pocket,” says Suzanne De Silva, head of Mobile Marketing Strategy and Planning at Samsung Electronics America. “It’s how we stay productive, connected and stylish.”

The bold engineering behind the device—including a Hideaway Hinge that incorporates a sweeping mechanism to help repel dust and dirt particles—is responsible for giving us two screens. The first is a 6.2-inch Infinity-O Cover Screen covered in Gorilla® Glass Victus that allows you to do more on the go, such as type quick replies one-handed or snap and immediately share photos, without having to open the phone. The second is the Main Screen featuring Samsung UTG (Ultra Thin Glass), with an impressive Infinity Flex Display that measures a whopping 7.6 inches,  there’s plenty of usable real estate and an immersive viewing experience that takes full advantage of the space.


“The Z Fold2 can do more of just about everything than a standard smartphone. In addition to watching more YouTube, reading more e-books, or doing more gaming, it’s all about productivity.” – Drew Blackard, Vice President of Mobile Product Management Samsung


“The vision from the very beginning was to offer the portability of the smartphone with a tablet-like experience,” says Drew Blackard, vice president of Mobile Product Management at Samsung Electronics America. “The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 can do more of just about everything than a standard smartphone. In addition to watching more YouTube, reading more e-books or doing more gaming, it’s all about productivity: catching up on email, editing documents from the device. A lot of that informs the new multitasking features.”

The phone has a game-changing Multi-Active Window feature, enhanced by a larger aspect ratio and the Edge Panel pairing with the Multi-Window Tray, which provides quick access to deeper features on the screen. In short, the Multi-Active Window gives users the ability to perform multiple tasks at once, as well as App Pair and drag and drop features that allow them to open multiple apps at once and seamlessly interact between apps.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2
Photo: Courtesy of Samsung.


The device features five cameras in total, including two selfie cameras: one on the cover, another on the main screen and three on the back of the device that can shoot 4K video.


“You can have a game open while you’re checking work email,” says Blackard. “And you have drag and drop functionality so, say, you have a PowerPoint open in one window and images in another, you can seamlessly pull images into the presentation.”

Beyond the major boost in productivity offered by the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2, it has been designed in a way that anticipates user needs and over-delivers on those expectations. Take, for example, the phone’s Flex mode feature, which Samsung introduced earlier this year on the Galaxy Z Flip.

“The app can tell whether the device is open, closed or somewhere in between,” says Blackard. “That unlocks a whole range of possibilities. You can have a hands-free experience in Flex mode where you’re in Google Duo and can have a great video chat without having to pass around the phone.”

The flip side of the Flex mode equation is, of course, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2’s versatile and flexible camera experience. The device features five cameras in total, including two selfie cameras: one on the cover, another on the main screen and three on the back of the device that can shoot 4K video. Samsung has incorporated a slew of new features into these elements, including Auto framing, which uses machine learning to automatically track the subjects’ faces and bodies to keep them in the frame even when it moves, and Dual Preview that allows people on both sides to see the shot.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2.
Photo: Courtesy of Samsung.

For the gamers among us, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2’s capabilities are nothing short of astounding: Between the phone’s unprecedented viewing area, 120Hz refresh rate, powerful Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 865 Plus 5G Mobile Platform and intelligent all-day 4500mAh battery, it’s “the perfect gaming device,” says Blackard.

The secret to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2’s extraordinary capabilities is Samsung’s 5G connectivity, now consistent across the company’s entire portfolio. “3G was around sharing photos, 4G was about sharing video and 5G is about gaming,” says Jude Buckley, executive vice president and co-lead of Mobile Business at Samsung Electronics America. “We’re really ready for that.”

Last but certainly not least is the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2’s unmistakable good looks. Available in two colours, Mystic Bronze and Mystic Black, the phone also comes with an aesthetic choice: For the first time, users can customise the hinge in one of four colours: Metallic Red, Metallic Silver, Metallic Blue or Metallic Gold exclusively on

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 boasts 256GB of storage and 12GB of RAM.

But that’s not all. All Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 customers are given access to Galaxy Z Premier Service, which includes on-demand concierge support from a dedicated team of product experts, who are trained to help provide one-on-one expertise and guide users through the phone’s myriad features.

With the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2, Samsung has upped the ante in the foldable smartphone game. Aspirational, revolutionary and best-in-class are all apt descriptors for a device that is literally changing the shape of how we connect, create and communicate. Luxury buyers, the future is calling. Are you listening?


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