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The best male fragrances to wear during winter

When it comes to winter fashion, it seems that all anybody wants to do is focus on the outside.

But any savvy sartorial aficionado knows that it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Or, at the very least, what’s hiding beneath those perfectly tailored suits and scarves.

The fragrance you choose to layer on during the cooler season is just as important as the style and colour of those aforementioned suits.

To help make your choice just that little bit easier, Robb Report Australia has done the hard work for you. Below are our picks for the best winter fragrances.

Gucci Guilty Absolute


Born out of a special collaboration between creative director Alessandro Michele and maître perfumer Alberto Morillas, this is a distinctly original scent. The scent was created using two leading notes, with Morillas custom-mixing a Leather accord Woodleather™ as a tribute to the House’s leather-making roots, and from the majesty of woods, Goldenwood™, a new natural extract of the Nootka Cypress. The result is a deep, masculine scent that may come off a little strong at first but truly shines once it has settled into the skin.

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Bottega Veneta Pour Homme EDP

BV 2

Creative Director Tomas Maier envisioned a journey through the Veneto region in Northern Italy in the Dolomites, where a gentle breeze fragrant of hay, fir cones, and pine needles from the nearby woods and moves through the wide-open windows of a rustic retreat.

The fragrance opens with highly concentrated woody and spicy notes of cedar leaves and rich cardamom, enhanced and strengthened at the heart by pimento and fir balsam. A sensual leather accord fused with tonka bean completes the notes. Delicate but not wispy, it is the perfect fragrance for those longing for those long summer days.

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Byredo - Bal D’Afrique


It’s hard to pick just one fragrance from the brand’s eclectic, unisex collection, but the classic Bal D’Afrique is hard to overlook. A warm and romantic vetiver inspired by Paris in the late 20s and its fascination with African culture, art and dance. Heady aromas of African marigold, bergamont and neroli are balanced by jasmine petals and Moroccan sandlewood.

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Tom Ford – Soleil Blanc


Like Byredo, it’s hard to pick just one scent from the designer’s eponymous line to focus on. But what better way to survive winter than by drowning your sorrows in the scent of summer?

To Ford’s Soleil Blanc was inspired by those long, summer days that blend seamlessly into another. A floral scent with amber notes, this is truly summer in a bottle.

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Penhaligon’s Halfeti


An intoxicating potion that manages to capture the exotic spices and scents of the Ottoman Empire. Complimented by red Turkish roses, the Halfeti is the kind of heady scent to be worn in a warm candle lit bar as a furious winter storm rages outside.

P Frapin & Cie - Isle of Man


The stately bottle perfectly represents the strong, fresh and salty marine fragrance it houses. Inspired by the coastline of the same name, the fragrance manages to marry tart citrus notes of grapefruit and butter orange with sweet, dewy violets and musky vetiver.

L’immensite – Louis Vuitton

lv new

Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud has composed a laser-sharp ode to freshness. A light note of ginger is brightened by the bitterness of grapefruit and softened by an addictive and sensual amber note. The scent was inspired by Belletrud’s travels and promises to give those lucky enough to smell this the same kind of wanderlust.

Ambre Nuit - Christian Dior


These new unisex fragrances from Christian Dior are designed to be layered. But you would be forgiven for choosing to bask purely in the woody sensual notes of Ambre Nuit all on their own. Chief perfumer, Francois Demachy, says the perfume “combines the deep, animal facet of amber with the delicate velvet of Turkish rose.”

He added: “This potent duo is like a nocturnal wave of amber that sees strength and delicacy converse, where opposites attract.”

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