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New fragrance range draws on best elements of Australiana

Australians often don’t realise how absurdly abundant is our supply of beauty and nature - sometimes it takes a newcomer to remind us exactly how much of a ‘lucky country’ it is.

Belgian-French international fragrance expert Dimitri Weber fell in love with Australia’s dramatic scenery and set out to use native botanicals to inspire a unique fragrance range.

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Titled Goldfield & Banks - the former for Australia’s halcyon gold-rush days, the latter a homage to renowned 18th century botanist Joseph Banks - the fragrance range draws on essences and oils derived from native seeds, gums, wood, flowers, lichen, roots, resins, leaves and fruits found only in Australia.

The range of four fragrances draws inspiration from different areas of Australia, each with its own unique flora:

Blue Cypress - described as “woody and dreamlike”, inspired by the Northern Territory’s Kakadu National Park.

Pacific Rock Moss - “citrus infused, tangy and dazzlingly fresh”, it “enjoys the heady scent of honey, lichen, seaweed and musk” from New South Wales’ south coast.

White Sandalwood - a “heady and sophisticated scent” with “woody hints and overtones of balsamic and oriental lushness” inspired by Western Australia’s Kununurra region.

Desert Rosewood - drawing inspiration from Victoria’s Central Highlands, it a “truly unusual, resinous and at once familiar fragrance” that is “complex” and “sensual”.

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Says Weber: “Each fragrance is created around one particular iconic Australian native ingredient and treated in all its majesty. That means that all fragrances have native raw materials that are supported by other natural essences from all over the world that highlight and enhance the characteristics of the particular iconic Australian ingredient.”


Weber isn’t the only one to have spied and been inspired by Australia and its abundance of natural beauty. Swiss-born watchmaker Christophe Hoppe moved to Australia for love, and then fell in love all over again.

The brand he launched, Bausele (which stands for ‘Beyond Australian Elements’), features a small slice of Australia in each watch via grains of beach sand, red dust or coal embedded in a hollow crown in each watch. It’s his tribute to his adopted homeland, but has also been an outstanding marketing success with his watches finding buyers all over the world.


And American Raymond ‘Spike’ Dessert III built a small rum distillery in the breathtaking Kimberley region of Western Australia which now produces up to 50,000 bottles a year of his Ord River Rum, the success of which draws heavily on the region’s sub-tropical climate.

Goldfield and Banks fragrances cost $229 each, available from

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