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Forget everything you knew about Porsche’s Panamera

Forget everything you knew about Porsche’s four-door quasi-limo, the Panamera.

Over eight years on sale in Australia, the German sports car maker found garages for 610 of four-seaters. Having started from a clean sheet for the second generation, it aims to find many more.

“The only things carried over from the previous model are the name, the Porsche badge and the four-door design. That’s it. This is beyond an evolutionary change, this takes us two generations ahead,” says Porsche Cars Australia spokesman Paul Ellis.

panamera turbo 2016 rear - INTEXT

“What this car does is to reinforce that we are engineering company, and that means we can put the DNA from our 911 sports car into a four-door limousine. So it’s a family car that’s low and wide, it handles and stops, it’s dynamic, but at sedate speeds you also get that magic carpet ride.”

Porsche designed a more streamlined shape that is millimetrically wider and taller with a longer wheelbase and increased boot space, but appears more compact than the model it replaces. It has also simplified the cabin controls, whittling back more than 30 buttons that previously surrounded the central console to a mere handful of controls operating multi-function digital displays.

panamera turbo 2016 interior

In Australia, a six-model range kicks off from $210,000 with a rear-wheel-drive base model equipped with a 243kW V6 turbo petrol engine - a 15kW lift over the model it replaces. Standard equipment includes adaptive cruise control and air suspension, four-zone climate control, LED headlights, digital radio, 14-way power seats, panoramic sunroof and a parking assistant.

Other models in the range include the four-wheel-driven Panamera 4, 4S, 4S Diesel and 4 E-Hybrid, rounding out with the 404kW Panamera Turbo for $376,900.

Ellis says Porsche Cars Australia has already sold 40 cars, with first models (Panamera 4S and Turbo) expected to be delivered in the first quarter of 2017 and subsequent models rolling out over the remainder of the year.

panamera turbo 2016 - INTEXT

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