Basem Wasef.

Are Airships The Future Of Adventure Travel?

The Golden Age of airship travel returns with a polar expedition and some solid ‘green’ cred.

By Basem Wasef


Rolls Royce’s Pumped Up Black Badge Cullinan Is No Rough Diamond

With the winding Blue Ridge Parkway as testing grounds, we let the marque’s edgier SUV run free.

By Basem Wasef


Harley-Davidson Is Redefining Itself With the New LiveWire Electric Bike

The new motorcycle departs dramatically from the noisy, fuel-burning machines of yore.

By Basem Wasef


Custom specialist Overfinch finesses Range Rovers to $260,000

The British aftermarket firm has been refining the Land Rover model since 1975.

By Basem Wasef


Bugatti’s Chiron: a glorious example of exquisite excess

The Chiron is everything its predecessor the Veyron was, and more – more power, more speed and more money.

By Basem Wasef


Aston Martin’s DB11 V8 proves less can indeed be more

The long-awaited DB11 hit the Aston Martin lineup like a Hollywood heartthrob arriving on the red carpet.

By Basem Wasef


Behind the wheel of the electrifying new Karma Revero

Lean, curvaceous, and low, the Karma Revero looks just as stunning as the start-up sedan that debuted in 2010.

By Basem Wasef


The Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 concept might be the coolest convertible ever

With electric motors and a rose-gold treaded removeable fabric top, this convertible is paving the way for the future.

By Basem Wasef


Dinan bolsters the already-formidable BMW M2

Unlocking the car’s performance potential involves a solid amount of Silicon Valley-style software engineering.

By Basem Wasef


The Sweptail is the most audacious Rolls-Royce in 70 years

The Sweptail’s unexpected curves explore the boundaries of Rolls-Royce’s famously composed design language.

By Basem Wasef


Rolling in a Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster with the boss

The head of Mercedes-AMG tests the brand’s upcoming convertible in the Nevada desert.

By Basem Wasef


Leave the chauffeur at home with Rolls-Royce’s latest

The Black Badge series is a welcome move for those who seek a touch of edginess with their gilded waftiness.

By Basem Wasef



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