Robin Cherry.

Hotel pseudonyms of the rich and famous

From Sir Binky Poodleclip to Slappy White, these are six of our favourite star pseudonyms and the posh hotels where they’ve been used.

By Robin Cherry


Ten James Bond filming locations you can check into

James Bond loves a good hotel and luckily for the rest of us, these opulent hotels are still around.

By Robin Cherry


Check in at one of these 10 celebrity-owned hotels

Superstars like Leonardo DiCaprio and Hugh Jackman have gotten into the hospitality game, opening hotels that offer an enviable lifestyle.

By Robin Cherry


Seven luxury hotels famed for their celebrity scandals

These hotels mark the beginning of some of Hollywood’s biggest scandals.

By Robin Cherry


Rock and roll history’s most famous luxury hotels

Whether it’s Led Zeppelin driving motorcycles in the hotel lobby, or Billy Idol getting tranquilised, each hotel has a story to tell.

By Robin Cherry


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