Jason H. Harper.

EVs Are The Future, But Are They Really That Eco-Friendly?

It’s not easy being green, but the EV industry is addressing sustainability issues to further clean up processes.

By Jason H. Harper


Robb Read: Porsche’s Best-Kept Secret

Have you heard about Zuffenhausen’s program to build the 911 or Cayenne of your dreams?

By Jason H. Harper


Robb Read: Why We’re For Crosskart Racing

A Day Of Dirt Buggies, Porches And Dual Terrain

By Jason H. Harper


The New Jaguar F-Type R Is The Antidote To The Lock-Down Blues

The convertible cat hits its stride in Portugal’s wine country.

By Jason H. Harper


The Nimble 2021 Jaguar F-Type Goes Against The Grain

We recently let the car sharpen its claws on the winding roads of Portugal’s Douro Valley.

By Jason H. Harper


Bentley’s new Continental GT is part evolution, part revolution

During a test-drive in the Alps, we found the grand tourer’s makeover to be remarkable.

By Jason H. Harper


How BMW’s M5 regained its swagger

We just drove the new M5 and are happy to relay that the fire has returned. Welcome back, road warrior. We missed you.

By Jason H. Harper


When is the right time to plunge on a sports car?

Buy now, or wait? It’s an important decision in many aspects of life.

By Jason H. Harper


Your first look at the radically redesigned Aston Martin Vantage

It will be a shock to the system for long-time Aston lovers, as it is a fierce rethink of the charming coupe and roadster that we’ve known for more than a decade.

By Jason H. Harper


Why the world still needs captivating cars

The world is awash in boring cars. Then, just when you’re about to give up hope, you spy something special and your lips tug into a smile.

By Jason H. Harper


This is why a Ferrari SUV is not a blasphemous idea

The Prancing Horse was the one brand we were sure would never surrender to the tidal pull of the SUV and crossover market.

By Jason H. Harper


The dirty dozen: V12 engines aren’t dead yet

When even Ferrari is downsizing V12 models, one can be forgiven for thinking that the 12-cylinder is a powerplant of the past.

By Jason H. Harper


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