Robb Interview: Mate Rimac, CEO Bugatti Rimac

The Croatian entrepreneur and Rimac founder is driving the historic French marque – and wider auto industry – into the future.

By Ben Oliver


Robb Review: Rimac Nevera

What it’s like to drive the world’s fastest-accelerating production car.

By Ben Oliver


The Petrol Engine Is Dead

Welcome to the electric revolution.

By Ben Oliver


Robb Review: Rolls-Royce Ghost

The “post-opulence” incarnation of the Ghost eschews ornamentation for quality of material and driving pleasure.

By Ben Oliver


First Look At Gordon Murray’s Hotly Anticipated T.50 Hypercar

The car designer behind the revered McLaren F1 debuts his new automotive benchmark.

By Ben Oliver


Cars From the ’90s and 2000s Are Heating Up the Collector Market. Here’s Why.

You might want to park one in your garage now before prices spiral upward.

By Ben Oliver


Car Design Was Once Quirky, Idiosyncratic and Stylish. So, What Happened?

Bring back the wicker seats and other details of style.

By Ben Oliver


Why the EQC Is the Most Important Mercedes-Benz Ever Made (So Far)

The marque hits it out of the park with the first of ten new electric cars it plans to release in the next three years.

By Ben Oliver


Our Obsession With SUVs Is Killing Off the Sedan—and Electric Models Are the Nail in the Coffin

Now there are no more qualms about the SUV’s environmental impact.

By Ben Oliver


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