Andrew Chesterton.

Electric Symphony: How BMW Created The Sound Of A New Era

The end of “natural” car noises means a new dawn for motoring acoustics—led by BMW.

By Andrew Chesterton


Is A Ferrari Still A Ferrari If It Has Four Doors? We Investigate

Robb Report heads to Italy for a debut dance with the most talked-about Ferrari to ever roll out of Maranello: the high-riding, four-doored V12 Purosangue.

By Andrew Chesterton


Could This EV Be The Most Beautiful Car Of The Decade?

We indulge the power and beauty of the e-tron GT RS, the first full-electric Audi to sport the famed badge.

By Andrew Chesterton


Life On The Road

What’s it like being an acclaimed automotive photographer? Stephan Bauer reveals all.

By Andrew Chesterton


Robb Review: Aston Martin DBX707

Aston Martin’s new DBX707 is the world’s most powerful SUV. So naturally, we took it to the track on a dangerously wet day.

By Andrew Chesterton


Robb Review: Mercedes AMG GT R Pro

We’re at one of Australia’s premier race circuits, spending time with Mercedes’ brutal, track-bred AMG GT R Pro—and an equally bonkers race driver.

By Andrew Chesterton


Robb Read: Inside The Bend

Five years since it was publicly announced— we catch up with The Bend’s co-owner Sam Shahin to discuss the road ahead.

By Andrew Chesterton


Robb Read: Redesigning The Land Rover Defender

The fabled marque’s straight-talking chief creative officer Gerry McGovern explains.

By Andrew Chesterton


Robb Review: Porsche Taycan

The Porsche Taycan is finally available in Australia.

By Andrew Chesterton


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