Amanda Millin.

After the hurricane: Richard Branson’s Necker Island to re-open in 2018

The famed Virgin Group founder, who quit high school at 16, has long been known to thrive on disaster.

By Amanda Millin


Seven destinations where a white Christmas is guaranteed

If a white Christmas is what you’re pining after these holidays, it’s time to find that winter wonderland.

By Amanda Millin


To Antarctica and back again in 24 hours

The $258,000 private-jet journey gives intrepid travellers a crash-course in polar exploration.

By Amanda Millin


Ten trips to take before it’s too late

It’s a bucket list of amazing places to see — and hopefully protect — before waning species or declining ecosystem catches up with them.

By Amanda Millin


The world’s first tea humidor is a beautiful objet d’art

The humidor protects tea from light, odour, heat, air and moisture, preserving its flavour.

By Amanda Millin


Cruise the Amazon with Jean-Michel Cousteau

The French ocean environmentalist and son of the late Jacques Cousteau has dedicated his life to understanding the Amazon River and its effects on our oceans.

By Amanda Millin


Crystal Cruises launches its first private jet voyage

There are few experiences to rival a trip to the world’s 10 Peninsula hotels aboard a private Boeing 777-200LR jet.

By Amanda Millin


Why your office is slowly but surely killing you

What is luxurious about attending a workplace every day that stifles innovation or compromises the health of those employed there?

By Amanda Millin


Six Chinese celebrations for the Year of the Rooster

Many say it will bring stability to whatever raucousness was stirred up by its monkey predecessor.

By Amanda Millin


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