Alexander Lamascus.

Ten all-in-one sound systems to seduce serious audiophiles

With the endeavour to have fewer wires, better sound, and less componentry, here are 10 all-in-one sound systems that sound as good as they look.

By Alexander Lamascus


Nine of the most wildly expensive speaker cables

Each of the following nine elite speaker cables is a paragon of audio construction and aesthetics.

By Alexander Lamascus


Ten speakers for your home that cost more than a Ferrari

When audio designers are freed from constraints, this is what results as they explore the outer limits of what is possible in speaker design.

By Alexander Lamascus


Ten of the World’s Most Expensive Headphones (In-Ear)

Similar to fine jewellery, the value of high quality in-ear headphones is found in exceptional craftsmanship, research, and quality materials.

By Alexander Lamascus


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